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Aspire To Secure Children




What We Do

Prepare them to face the unforeseen circumstances with our age appropriate Body Safety Education Programs.

  • Aware – Acquaintance with various body-safe concepts
  • Acquire – Knowledge through continuous education
  • Alert – Ability to Identify and Comprehend the situation
  • Act – Persist in asking for help until a solution is found
Body Safety Education

Body Safety Education

Every fifteen minutes, a child is abused in India.

Child abuse is the harsh reality of our society. Children are no longer safe. From schools, malls, playgrounds or even home, the threat of abuse is imminent.

Unfortunately, we can’t always be with our children to safeguard them, So what should we do?

We cannot stop them from enjoying their childhood, So what can we do?

Body Safety Education strives to equip children with knowledge through awareness and various skill sets that empower them about their bodies and help to protect themselves.

The Protective Behaviour Programme curated at Smart-tots looks at body safety education from every angle. This body safety program targets concepts such as Body safety, Body ownership, Emotions, Safe boundaries, Privacy and Consent.

This Program goes beyond the surface of body safety and delves into action-based skills such as – Early Warning Signs, how to respond when you feel unsafe, Whom to trust, How to confide in a trusted adult, alerting your safety network and the role persistence plays in body safety.

Our Program is age-appropriate, catering to children and adults. This body safety program is a step-by-step guide for parents, educators, caregivers and children on how to safeguard them from any form of abuse.

Smart-tots works with you to gift your child.

“A happy and safer childhood filled with beautiful memories.”

Body Safety Education

What We Believe

A home is your child’s first school.

“What they hear is how they will speak

What they see is how they will act

What they experience is how they will grow.”

We, at Smart-tots, believe that communication is the key to develop a strong relationship. Ingraining these thought processes today will enable the child to create a secure tomorrow.

Our mission is to save the tender minds from lifelong scars, through Body Safety Education.

Let’s safeguard them from abuse through Consistent awareness and Constant efforts.


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Dr Paresh Makhwana
Dr Paresh Makhwana

Hi! I’m Dr Kanika Sharma, mother to Smart-tots and also to my two adorable kids Dhruv and Suviksha. I am passionate about working with and for children to build a brighter, safer and positive experience for them. It is my deepest desire to preserve their innocence through constant and consistent awareness.

About Smart-tots

We believe that all children deserve a brighter, safer and positive future. We live by this credo by providing innovative, meaningful and one-of-a-kind learning products which are engaging and fun.


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